Wayne Lumber Loyalty Rebate Program

  • Earn 1% cash back on your yearly purchases or 2% credit on your account.
  • You must do a minimum of $ 500,000 to be entered in the program.
    • The program is retro-active and is applicable to all yearly purchases.
    • Sales tax, fuel surcharges, discounts and credit items are not applicable.
    • The program run from January 1st through the end of December.
    • Your account must be current and in good standing to qualify.
  • Credit card payments do not apply


Example:       You have spent $ 1,000,000 net with Wayne Lumber in 2010.

1% X $ 1,000,000     =          $ 10,000 check payable to you at year end.


        2% X $ 1,000,000     =          $ 20,000 credit to your account at year end.

**This program does not apply if you are engaged with any other monthly terms or discounts with Wayne Lumber Company. **


  • BUY LOCAL!!! The whole of our community will be stronger with healthy local pieces.
  • We are responsible to give businesses and Toledoans a valid reason to buy from locally owned businesses like Wayne Lumber.  This incentive will open our company up to those who are unfamiliar with the primary reasons to buy from Wayne Lumber:  quality, competitive pricing, unsurpassed knowledge, professionalism and integrity.
  • We handle only legitimate, quality oriented material serviced by a qualified, competent sales staff and team.
  • Free delivery, no return fees and Toledo's finest in-house custom mill.